a world of stories,
traditions, knowledge
and taste.

“Mulan was born from the desire to convey the love for oriental cuisine and transform the consumption of Asian food into something more authentic: a world of stories, traditions, knowledge and flavors”.

Our values

Discover the recipe that makes us unique.

Spring rolls, Chinese dumplings, rice dishes or noodles. We prepare every recipe preserving the authentic taste of tradition.

Our love for cooking, has led us to create ready-to-taste proposals infew minutes, to allow everyone to prepare at home tipical recipes of the Asian gastronomy.

Imagine being able to prepare dishes that look like cooked by your favorite asian restaurant. Imagine being able to do it without spending hours on the stove.

Ours gourmet products are ready-to-eat in just3 minutes.

Fast. Practical. Delicious.

Our secret ingredient? A perfect balance between theoriental culinary wisdom and the quality of Made in Italy.

We select the best Italian ingredients and combine them with the most traditional Chinese and Asian flavors, to ensure maximum freshness while preserving the authentic taste of our recipes.

In our plant near Cremona, products are subjected toquality and safety food controls according to Italian and European standards, in every phase of processing.

An handicraft production that blendthe genuineness of a home-cooked meal and theauthenticity of tradition.

The attention devoted to the manual workmanship is perceived in the natural taste and quality of the details.

From the closing method of Chinese dumplings, to the meticulous cooking processes of traditional ingredients, our Chinese chefs prepare the dishes of Mulan lines according to the ancient oriental culinary art.

Only in the mixing and packaging phases, the mastery of chefs is accompanied by the most advanced Italian technologies.

Our Story

In 1990 the Zhang family moved to Italy from China, bringing with them the typical recipes of their country.
From the beginning, they realized the curiosity of Italians towards asian foods, which at the time were still a novelty linked to a few restaurants.

They decided to combine their family needs to continue bringing to the table Chinese cuisine’s flavours, with the aim to make them known, cooked and tasted by Italian families.

The traditional dishes of oriental cuisine, however, require time, meticulous preparation and cooking processes, skills and raw materials of local production.
It was necessary to bring Chinese gastronomic culture closer to Italian needs, tastes and rhythms, remaining faithful to original recipes.

So Mulan Group/strong> was born, with its range of practical solutions, but at the same time fresh, nutrients and customizable. Dishes ready to experience at home the authentic taste of traditional Asian recipes.


1990 - 2001
Where it all began

The Zhang family moves to Italy and opens a restaurant in Cremona called Orientale, one of the first Chinese restaurants in the city.
The success of the Orientale is immediate and the demand for Chinese gastronomy keeps getting higher
The Zhang decided to sell the restaurant and expand the concept of Chinese cuisine in Italy. They become the first oriental company to address the Italian supermarkets.

Mulan was born

The company Mulanwas founded, dedicated to the artisanal production of fresh oriental products for supermarkets and hypermarkets.

2002 – 2014
Collaborations with supermarkets and hypermarkets

Collaborations with major supermarket and hypermarket chains in Italy begin. Among the first: Carrefour, Auchan and Gigante.

International Fair Cibus

Mulan participates to Cibus, food fair. The first event in contact with the international world.

The international spread

The international spread continues with the TuttoFood trade fair.

The new factory

To increase production capacity, Mulan invests in a new factory of 4000 square meters.

New products lines

Mulan starts the development of new product lines, to offer new and authentic gastronomic adventures.

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